high quality musculoskeletal care for you, your family  and your animals

Welcome to High Peak Chiropractic
high quality musculoskeletal care for you, your family and your animals

Welcome to High Peak Chiropractic, a friendly family run clinic based in Chapel en le Frith, a small market town in the Peak District. Established in March 2009 by chiropractor Tina Lowes, we use chiropractic with the primary aim of getting you and your animals in the best physical shape

Some example case studies and feedback

Ian Smith; firefighter‘chronic shoulder problem resolved completely with no reoccurrence’

Ag Champ Wee Betsy Boo; agility dog ‘miraculous recovery to qualify for Olympia semi-finals’

Mr ? Chestnut gelding - "He has never looked or felt so good, Tina is an absolute godsend".

In order to do this, our goals with every patient are to:

  1. establish the underlying cause of problems to determine if chiropractic is the right treatment approach
  2. alleviate your symptoms
  3. provide ongoing advice and support, in order to help maintain optimal health and performance.

At the High Peak Chiropractic clinic, we use the McTimoney chiropractic technique, which is suitable for all ages including babies and the elderly, as well as horses and dogs.

What is Chiropractic?

Chiro – hand; practic – done by

Chiropractic is a method of adjusting the bones of the body, and is mainly administered by using only the hands.

The main purpose is…
… to correctly align the skeleton so that the nerves are not impinged (either by bone or tissues around the nerves) and therefore can function properly and/or more efficiently.

With the aim of…
… relieving the patient’s symptoms, and increasing mobility and performance.

Contact us:

Tel: 01298 815041
Mob: 07890 656237
Email: info@highpeakchiropractic.co.uk